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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Artisan Bread Baking

Dear LocalHarvest Community,

I'm an occasional bread baker and until now have always stuck to a basic sandwich loaf. A friend of mine is a more adventurous bread baker and she swears by Peter Reinhart's books, so when our friends at Craftsy offered to let me take their online class Artisan Bread Baking with Peter Reinhart, I was very curious. Within moments of settling into the videos, I knew this class was going to help me improve my breadmaking immeasurably. Peter Reinhart is a master.

Overall, the thing I appreciated most about this class was how it demystified a sometimes intimidating craft. Peter teaches students how to think about bread making, step by step. The instruction goes well beyond learning how to follow a bread recipe, to really understanding how bread works. After that, Peter shares many of his favorite recipes for a wide variety of breads including baguettes, focaccia, marbled rye and chocolate babka. This class is so packed with information that I know I'll be going back to the videos and class materials again and again. One thing I noticed about this Craftsy class in particular is that there is a lively online discussion among students and the instructor, which adds to the learning. I feel confident that both beginning and experienced breadmakers will be pleased with what they take away from the course. The people you share your homemade bread with will be pleased too!

Fall is a great time to learn to make artisan breads. What could be better on a crisp Autumn night than a big bowl of soup and a loaf of crusty homemade bread? To learn to make great bread, enroll in Peter Reinhart's Artisan Bread Baking. By enrolling, you will receive lifetime access to this class and enjoy the flexibility of watching online or through Craftsy's mobile app. Craftsy is offering LocalHarvest users a special price on this class of $14.99 - that's *63*% off for you. Enroll! You'll be glad you did.

Happy baking!

Kerry Glendening
Community Coordinator