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Monday, September 14, 2015

Carlton Farms Delivery

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Delivery Notes:


We will be making our normal delivery this week. However, next week (9/23-9/25) there will be NO deliveries.  We work very hard to offer consistency, and honestly I don't think we have missed a full week since we started in 2006. But every now and then the family deserves a real vacation.  


Take this opportunity to visit the farm in Rockmart. The Farm store is always open, but we will be sure that it is fully stocked and that there is plenty of help there during the week that I'm away.  The animal barn and play area will be available for the kids, if you decide to drive out to the farm.  Also, if you have friends that are also customers of Carlton Farms, you may be able to co-op the drive. 


Thanks for figuring out an alternative for next week, and allowing me and my family a week away. 


The following week I'll be back refreshed and delivery will be operating full steam.


On The Farm

The weather is perfect. 
The corn crop is still drying down in the field and should be ready to harvest in early Oct. 
All the activity right now is focused on preparing for our fall activities.  We have several school groups throughout the fall during the week. On the weekend our corn maze, hayride, and animal barn are open to the public. I'll try to get a pic of our 5 acre corn maze posted to Facebook soon.

Chad Carlton


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