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Monday, September 28, 2015

Carlton Farms Delivery

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Delivery Notes:

I am back from vacation, and ready to get back to work. We got beef back from the processor while I was gone, so there is a full inventory online. 


Fall Vegetable Shares start this week, and can still be ordered for this weeks pick-up. Click Here to go straight to the Veggie share page and read more. 


Thanksgiving Turkeys can be ordered now. Click Here to go straight to the Turkey page to read more.


On The Farm
I'm back on the farm, and my mind is ready to get back to work, but my body is still catching up. I have no doubt that the first person to say "you need a vacation to get over the vacation" was returning from a trip to Disney World. I tracked it on my iPhone, we walked eight miles per day for 5 days. Keep in mind that's me with a backpack and pushing a double stroller, and my wife that's Five months pregnant (if you hadn't heard that yet...bombshell!).  We were exhausted, but the kids loved it.  Well, Jersey loved it. Atticus wasn't into the rides and only wanted to meet Mickey Mouse, no other characters interested him.  Most importantly we got to really enjoy exclusive family time for days on end. That is rare and I embraced every moment.  Thanks to our Family and employees, the farm ran smooth while we were away.  I'm now ready to enjoy some cooler fall weather and tackle all the fall projects we have planned.

The Corn Maze and Fall Activities open this Saturday, Oct 3. Click Here to Read more on our Corn Maze Page.

Chad Carlton


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