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Friday, September 25, 2015

News Digest - U.S. Raw Milk Bills Reintroduced While Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones Face Jail


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Dear Food Freedom Fan,

We have good news and "woe" news. Reps. Massie and Pingree reintroduced the federal raw milk bills that gained support in the last session of Congress. Meanwhile, the Canadian government is doing everything in its power to throw Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones in jail.

Michael Schmidt has also been a strong supporter of raw milk access in the U.S. and has spoken at farms and conferences to educate and encourage American consumers. We have this opportunity to show our appreciation. Whatever you can give at Indiegogo will make a difference.


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Press Release

Washington, D.C.--September 18, 2015--U.S. Representatives Thomas Massie (R-KY), Chellie Pingree (D-ME), and a bipartisan coalition of 16 other lawmakers have reintroduced legislation to improve consumer food choices and to protect local farmers from federal...more

Track the Bills:

HR 3563 - Milk Freedom Act of 2015
HR 3564 - Interstate Milk Freedom Act of 2015
by Karen Selick

VIDEO: Help Keep 2 Ethical Farmers Out of Jail

My name is Karen Selick. I'm a lawyer, and the litigation director for the Canadian Constitution Foundation, a registered charity in both Canada and the US.  

We need help raising a legal defence fund for Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt, two Ontario farmers charged with defying the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). We have to be careful what we say here, because the government recently asked for (and got) a publication ban on this case.  

Montana and Michael started out as my clients, but for reasons I'll explain later, I can't represent them in court on this case. Nevertheless, I admire their courage and their principles. I think they have been treated unjustly by the CFIA, and I want to keep them out of jail. With the number of charges facing each of them, they could conceivably end up in jail for 2-10 years

Please help keep these ethical farmers out of jail. Please donate, then share this page with anyone who cares about healthy natural food, preserving biodiversity, freedom from rampant bureaucracy, freedom of the press, and justice in Canada's courts.  

The Canadian Constitution Foundation, "freedom's defence team", is a registered charity in both Canada and the US. If you donate at least $25, you'll get a receipt that you can use to claim a deduction on your income tax return. 

Read more about the case and donate here


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