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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Artisan Loaves from Your Own Oven? Here's How! + The Amazing Number of Dairy Products Kefir Can Make

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Artisan Loaves from Your Own Kitchen
There's no doubt that a wood-fired brick oven produces the crispiest crusts on artisan sourdough loaves, but you probably don't have a brick oven in your back yard. There are some ways to simulate a brick oven in your kitchen using a few simple tools!
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The Amazing Number of Kefir Dairy Products
It's amazing how many uses there are for milk kefir. Aside from use as an ingredient in recipes, milk kefir can also be made into many of the dairy products in your fridge now!
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Healthier Jalepeño Poppers
Jalepeño poppers are a classic finger food! Unfortunately they tend to be battered and fried and oozing grease. These poppers trade breading for nori sheets, and are grease-free and filled with cultured dairy!
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Homemade Eucalyptus Menthol Cream
This is an all-natural alternative to commercial chest rubs, and gentle enough for the whole family. It is helpful for colds and congestion, and powerful enough to rival store-bought brands.
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