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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Kerry's Picks: Stocking up for the Winter

Welcome to "Kerry's Picks". Each month, Kerry, our catalog coordinator, will be showcasing a half-dozen of her favorite items from LocalHarvest's online catalog. If Kerry likes them, odds are you will too!

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Stocking Up - Sprouted Grains and Small-Farm Grown Legumes, Beans and more

Want to know where your Identity Preserved, Non-Irradiated, GMO Free food comes from? If your answer is yes, look no further. Here at the LocalHarvest store, you can purchase grains and beans grown and processed by small farms. You'll know you're getting only the best.

Sprouted Grains from To Your Health

To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co. offers sprouted bread flours made from organic grains that have been sprouted, dried, and milled in a rural Alabama farm setting. All their flours are milled fresh per order! Check out all the fabulous customer testimonials.

Palouse Brand - Family Farm Grown Chickpeas, Wheat, Lentils, Green Peas

Palouse Brand can tell you what field your food was grown in and the date they harvested your food. Now that's impressive! If you care about land stewardship and how your food is grown, you'll feel good about buying from Palouse. Offered here are GMO free, non-irradiated, and identity preserved grains and beans.

A-Frame Farm Organically Grown Golden Flax

A-Frame Farms is a certified organic 400 acre diversified cropping system of corn, soybeans, spring and winter wheat, oats, barley, golden flax, yellow peas, alfalfa, and restored native prairies and wetlands. Their beautiful golden flax is offered in 5lb-25lb quantities, so you can stock up! A-Frame's flax is a personal favorite of mine.

Southern Grace Farms Peanut Flour

Peanut flour is produced by extracting the oil from the roasted peanut seed, which leaves behind a dry powder. No chemicals are used in the process and the flour is 100% pure roasted peanut. It is packed with protein and can be used in all sorts of ways: in baking, thickening soups, in nutrition bars and snacks, marinades, and coating for fish and meats.

Salamander Springs: Pintos, Black Turtle Beans and Popcorn

Since 2002, Salamander Springs Farm has produced market crops without tillage, fertilizers or pesticides. They offer hand-harvested and shelled pinto and black turtle beans, as well as tender-kernel yellow popcorn. Taste the difference a healthy, living soil makes!

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