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Monday, November 9, 2015

Carlton Farms Delivery

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Delivery Notes:

I promised I'd send a second email when we finished the pork and beef inventory and it was listed online. Well here it is. Lots of beef and pork have just been added.  Bacon and holiday hams are still being smoked and will not be ready until next week.  Every other beef and pork cut is now available. Enjoy.


Thanksgiving Turkeys can be ordered now. Click Here to go straight to the Turkey page to read more.


On The Farm

The rainy challenge continues this fall. 

We really need the corn to be in the bin by now, but part of it is still standing in the field.  Hopefully some dry weather is in our future so that we can get back in the field soon, but it's gonna take a while for the ground to dry enough to hold up the equipment.  Also, please help us pray that we don't get bad storms that could blow the crop over. The crops are very vulnerable in the field when they are mature. Heavy rain and wind can cause the fragile crops to fall to the ground, making harvest nearly impossible.  Many farmers across Georgia are in the same situation. 
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