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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Heritage Farm -- Store is open and farm truck is rolling.....come on in

Store is open and farm truck is rolling!!! We're hitting all the Saturday drops today and have extra milk, eggs, and more!! Come on out if you can. We Hope you'll also take a look around on the store and let us help you with your weekly food needs…….There is a great selection of meats, ready to eats, probiotics, coffee's, snacks, honey, chocolate and fish!!!Store closes at 8 pm Monday for Wednesday and Thursday delivery and 8 pm Thursday for Saturday delivery.

We are proud to announce that Ancient Awakenings has joined the Heritage Farm store and is offering a complete line of fermented and probiotic foods. Our family uses a lot of their products and it is some good stuff and REALLY good for you. The grape water kefir and elderberry kombucha are my two favorites. Their items are listed in probiotic foods. All their items need to be ordered by Monday at 8 pm cut off. Stop in and browse their menu….good stuff here folks!

Take a look around @ Heritage Farm Locally Grown

The Hutchins Family
Heritage Farm


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