Atlanta Real Food is run by the Atlanta area chapter leaders of The Weston A. Price Foundation. Here you will find the latest news from local farmers, get information on how to properly prepare real foods, and stay up to date on local events.


Monday, February 22, 2016

Marietta Meeetings Feb & March

Join us this Sunday Feb. 28th at 3:00 pm for Great Food on a Budget


We’ll share tips, recipes, and meal planning for budget and time conscious families. Bring your best recipes and ideas to contribute to our discussion and come ready to take notes! Kefir grains available to take home with instructions. Kefir is nutritious, requires no cooking, and is EASY!

Lauren Riley’s house: 542 Knowlton St., Marietta, GA 30066 469-231-2511.


Our March Meeting is Everything About CHICKEN!


First, we’ll have a wonderful local farmer guest speaking and doing a demo…

Then some questions to address: Why should I be concerned about the chicken my family eats? Where can I find chicken that is pasture raised and free from arsenic and antibiotics? What do I do with a whole chicken? (We will demo how to cut up a whole chicken for cooking as well as how to cook one whole) How can I get the most from a whole pasture raised chicken? (We will demo how to stretch one chicken into 3+ meals) How do I use a chicken carcass to make bone broth? What do I do with all that bone broth once I’ve made it?

Sunday March 13th  at 3:00 pm at Lauren Riley’s house: 542 Knowlton St., Marietta, GA 30066 469-231-2511


Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Debby Smith


Volunteer Marietta Chapter Leader

Weston A. Price Foundation