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Monday, March 14, 2016

Carlton Farms Newsletter 3-14

Delivery News
Order easier with your mobile device.
We have recently made our website much more mobile friendly.  Now you should be able to view the site and place your order from your mobile device much easier.  Go ahead and check it out, and place your order at

Pork Sausage is Back!!! (Yay) 
Yes, we have recently gotten Beef and Lamb back from the processor.  And there is still a good selection of both in the freezer.  However, it has been several weeks since we have had pork sausage.  We are proud to announce that the wait is over.  Mild and Hot pork sausage are now listed online. 
On the Farm
The Busy season is about to ensue.
Its that time of year that we start to anticipate all of the hard work and long days that are ahead. Yes, it's pretty busy all year, but there's something about late winter/early spring that builds an anticipation inside me about the upcoming year.  Probably because we never know what to expect.  Every year is a little different, and some years are a lot different.  In the past we have dealt with late frosts, extreme heat, drought, flood, hurricanes, and tornados. It's just hard to tell what will be next.   Those weather issues are in addition to Armyworms, Earworms, corn borer, japanese beetles, cucumber beetles, squash bugs, Internal parasites, ticks, etc... Oh Yeah, and broken down equipment.  Now you know what rattles around in my head as spring approaches. Do you better understand my anticipation now?  With every issue that could go wrong, somehow the grass always grows, the crops always emerge, the animals always thrive on the green pasture, and for some reason we are usually blessed with another bountiful year.  Ultimately, Spring is another opportunity to produce some excellent food for some pretty awesome customers that we have gotten to know well over the years. It is that opportunity for which I am thankful.
Spring Vegetable Shares are available to order
We have posted the Spring Vegetable Share online early this year.  Get ahead of the game and reserve your spot in our subscription style vegetable program while space is still available.

Thanks for your continued support. At Carlton Farms we are proud to be your farmer.


Chad Carlton
Carlton Farms
Carlton Farms, 1276 Cartersville Hwy, Rockmart, GA 30153
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