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Monday, March 7, 2016

Carlton Farms Newsletter 3-7

Delivery News
Order easier with your mobile device.
We have recently made our website much more mobile friendly.  Now you should be able to view the site and place your order from your mobile device much easier.  Go ahead and check it out, and place your order at

Our Freezer is full of  Beef and Lamb
Spring Lamb is now back from the processor. We have all of the cuts listed online, so fill your freezer now. We usually only process lamb once per year, so the variety of the selection will start to diminish in the coming weeks. 
We also just got several beef back from the processor.  All of the beef cuts are listed online, as well as a few of the bulk beef boxes that we put together occasionally.  It's all there for your ordering pleasure...enjoy.
Our chickens are sensing that spring is around the corner, so they have been laying more eggs. If you have been limiting yourself on purchasing eggs, that is no longer necessary. We have a good supply of eggs.  
As you will see online, pork is in short supply, but I just got back from taking some to the processor. Next week it should be available.
On the Farm

Unwelcome Guest.
I've suspected that we have been having a unwanted intruder for the last few weeks.  Normally our very strong perimeter fence has kept ground based predators at bay, away from our laying hens. But recently I think they have figured out how to go over the gate. Now may be the time to invest in a livestock guardian dog.
Spring Vegetable Shares are available to order
We have posted the Spring Vegetable Share online early this year.  Get ahead of the game and reserve your spot in our subscription style vegetable program while space is still available.

Thanks for your continued support. At Carlton Farms we are proud to be your farmer.


Chad Carlton
Carlton Farms
Carlton Farms, 1276 Cartersville Hwy, Rockmart, GA 30153
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