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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Heritage Farm -- Important Market and CSA info.....Please Read

Online Market Notes

Market is open for orders. Please remember that the ordering window closes at 8 pm on Monday for Wednesday and Thursday delivery and at 8 pm Thursday for Saturday delivery

Happy Shopping!!!

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Spring Beef and Pork Sale

To celebrate the coming of Spring we are having a HUGE beef and pork sale on our 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef packages and our 1/2 and whole pig packages!!!! Make sure and check them out.This is a great time to stock up for those spring and summer grilling/bbq cuts at a great price!

Spring/Summer CSA's

We thank all of you that have signed up for the CSA program this year….it is going to be a GREAT season. We will be starting the veggie CSA delivery's sometime around mid-April depending on how the produce is doing. The first meat CSA will be available the end of April. We will e-mail a more specific schedule for each location as soon as we get a little closer to the 1st delivery. The sign up period is technically closed but there are still a few spots that are available if you know someone who may still want to get on board.

Delivery Schedules

As we approach spring and the re-opening of all the stand up farmers markets that we participate in we will be adjusting and tweaking the delivery times and locations. PLEASE CHECK YOUR DELIVERY TIME AND LOCATION EACH WEEK WHEN YOU ORDER TO MAKE SURE OF THE WHEN AND WHERE OF YOUR DELIVERY.

New Seafood CSA

We have teamed up with Troller Point Fisheries in Alaska to offer this exciting new product. We have boxes that will range from 84.00 (for about 5 pounds of fish) up to about 200.00 (for about 11 pounds of fish) of Alaskan Wild caught fish. Salmon, CoHo, Cod, Smoked Salmon and Halibut. I need to order 8 boxes at a time so if you are interested e-mail me and I will get you more details.

Heritage Farm Expansion Project

Thank you so much for all of you that have supported us in this endeavor. So far we are about 52% funded and have been able to complete most of the dairy upgrades, the barn addition, power and water, a pad for the bulk feed delivery and the purchase of 5 or 6 pieces of stainless steel kitchen equipment. We are not as far as we wanted to be but we ARE still plugging along. We still need to work out some transport and bulk freezer space items as well as a few more pieces of kitchen equipment. Please consider our farm shares, CSA's and our Go Fund Me page if you or someone you know may want to help us get it done.

Don't want so many e-mails??

We are working for a way to reduce them and still keep you informed but in the meantime you can opt out of the emails at the bottom of the your account page and choose the stop receiving emails option!

The Hutchins Family
Heritage Farm


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