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Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Craftsy exclusive for LocalHarvest subscribers

A Craftsy exclusive for LocalHarvest subscribers: your choice of class for $19.99!

If you're like me, you cherish a little variety in life, and you'll be the first to step up to learn something new when you feel inspired. Like many creative folks, I love to make and share food. This month, we're spotlighting some of our favorite Craftsy cooking classes, from essentials for cooking the best chicken, to specialty classes like gluten-free baking. And lucky for us, Craftsy is offering LocalHarvest subscribers your choice of class for $19.99. Find your inspiration at half off the average class price!

I am a big fan of Chef Joanne Weir, so I knew her Craftsy class, Mediterranean Favorites, would be a winner. You'll learn all about Tapas, otherwise known as Mezze, or small plates: stellar dishes like Spanish tortilla, risotto, stuffed grape leaves, and patatas bravas (delicious fried potatoes with a flavorful spicy tomato sauce). Foodies who are ready to do some from-scratch preparations will find Artisan Cheese Making a fun and interactive class. Making cheese has a little science behind it, so you are encouraged to post questions in Craftsy's discussion platform. You'll learn not only from the instructive videos but also from your fellow students and instructor Mary Karlin's individualized feedback.

For those of you wanting more variety in your evening meals, I highly recommend two "essentials" classes: All About Chicken, with Marge Perry, and Building Flavorful Soups, with Peter Berley. Building Flavorful Soups includes over twenty recipes for broths, savory thick soups, creamy soups, and even making a flavorful miso. In All About Chicken, you'll learn how to work with whole chicken plus roasting, pan-searing, gorgeous stuffed breast, crispy wings, and braised thighs and drumsticks. Both classes are packed with useful cooking techniques that will allow you to go beyond recipes, and to feel confident in your skills of handling ingredients and building layers of flavors.

Many of us have gluten sensitivities or wish to cut down on wheat in our diets, but still enjoy baking. With Richard Coppedge Jr.'s class, Secrets of Gluten Free Baking, you'll learn to create your own custom flour blends to achieve fabulous gluten-free delights. Finally, you can enjoy all those delicious flour-based goodies like pancakes, Mexican wedding cookies and shortbread, and much more! Last but not least, I think you'll love Deborah Schneider's Mexican Street Food: Tacos and Salsas. This class is full of mouth-watering favorites like carne asada, slow-cooked chicken, carnitas and tasty vegetarian fillings. No taco is complete without salsa, so you'll be making wonderful mild to spicy salsas to top it all off.

As always, you'll have lifetime access to your classes, along with downloadable recipes and personalized guidance from your instructors through Craftsy's discussion forum. Choose your own class for the exclusive price of $19.99! You'll be glad you signed up.

Happy Crafting!

Kerry Glendening
Community Coordinator