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Friday, May 6, 2016

Heirloom Living Market Lilburn -- Please read before ordering. Market is open!

The Market is now Open…Happy Shopping!

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Schedule for Market Ordering and Pickup
Market Ordering Hours: Friday 9:00am – Monday 8:00pm
Lilburn Members Pickup Location

All Saints Lutheran Church
Pickup Day and Time: Thursday 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Pickup Location:
722 Rockbridge Road SW
Lilburn, GA 30047
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My Daily Bread

Bruce has certainly had some major health challenges the last month and now he faces open heart surgery. The situation is best told by Dabrielle:

"For those who don't know yet, Bruce is in the hospital awaiting open heart surgery.

He passed out at Suwanee market and fell to the concrete suffering a 4 inch gash to his heat, a concussion, and lots of bruising. When all the confusion was sorted out by the caridologist, he actually had stopped breathing and his defribulator went off 4 times to shock him back.

After a heart cath, they discovered a calcified block directly from his aorta to the large portion of his arterial feed that is 80% blocked and cannot be stinted. The only option is open heart surgery.

They are awaiting the Plavix to leave his system so they can operate. He will have a long road to recovery including a month bed rest and 3 of cardiac rehab.

They are hoping to do the surgery on Monday, but may be able to do it on Friday if things move faster with the Plavix.

Bruce LOVES doing the coops and I know he will miss you all, but he is grounded for awhile.

We will do our best to get back up and running after his surgery.

Meanwhile we covet your prayers.



Prayer is powerful and I join in Dabrielle's request for your prayers for Bruce as well as for Dabrielle and their son, Brandon. I will keep you informed about Bruce's condition and recovery.

Ancient Awakenings

I am absolutely addicted to the Coconut Vanilla/Banana Kefir and the Grape Kefir and I hope you all have found your favorites as well! Originally when we started with these great folks, their products were being delivered by one of our other Farmers. It hasn't worked out quite the way we thought it would. In an effort to keep

Ancient Awakenings' products, we had to come up with a 'work around'! Right now, the best we can do is a once a month delivery which will be the first Market of each month. However, so that we can all stock up on their wonderful fermented products, Dana and Steve do have items listed on Market this week. PLEASE order what you will need until our next delivery on June 2nd! We hope to go back to a weekly delivery at some point, but in the mean time, I am grateful that we can still get their products!

I will be sending a Newsletter out this weekend to let you know other happenings with the Market! Thanks so much for your support!

Please know that we appreciate the support of Nicole Park, Crossfit PURE and All Saints Lutheran Church for the use of the great spaces for Market. We are grateful for you and for your support of our dedicated, LOCAL Farmers/Growers and Artisans.

Order now since you are just a click way!

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