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Friday, May 20, 2016

Order Reminder for TPK's 5/24 Menu

TPK's 5/24 Menu
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The Provision Kitchen's Tuesday, May 24th Menu
This is a reminder that if you would like to place an order for anything on TPK´s Tuesday, May 24th menu, please email your order to by the end of today.
 Thank you!
**Please note:  Quantities for each item are limited since they are pre-made.  Once the online ordering system is launched, customers will be able to see if items are in stock.  For now, please email me your requests, and I will do my best to accommodate requests based on availability.  Items that sell out quickly will be re-stocked as soon as possible, and requests are always welcome.**
*Beef Stuffed Pepper Soup

Carlton Farms grass-fed ground beef, Napa Valley Naturals brand organic extra virgin olive oil, diced organic red & green bell peppers, organic onions, organic garlic, organic tomatoes and tomato puree, organic fresh basil, organic fresh parsley, organic oregano, organic white rice, organic black pepper, and celtic sea salt all simmered in homemade beef broth.  Also great topped with sour cream and/or cheese (optional).

$18 per Pint
$25 per 3-Cup
*Turkey & White Bean Chili

A Southwestern white bean chili featuring organic ground turkey, traditionally soaked (never canned) organic cannellini beans, green chilis, organic corn, organic celery, organic peppers, and organic spices (cumin, chili powder), in homemade chicken stock with grass-fed, organic cream.  Packaged in glass mason jars.  Freezes well when you transfer to a non-glass container.

$17 per Pint
$24 per 3-cup

*Creamy Potato & Leek Soup

Organic potatoes, organic leeks, organic onions, grass-fed Kerrygold brand butter, homemade chicken stock, grass-fed organic non-homogenized half & half, organic sour cream, celtic sea salt, and freshly ground organic black pepper.

$17 per Pint
$24 per 3-Cup
*Chicken, Veggie, and Rice Soup

Local & pastured chicken simmered in homemade chicken bone broth with all organic veggies sautéed in Kerrygold brand grass-fed butter.  Onions, garlic, ginger, carrots, celery, organic basmati rice, and Celtic sea salt.

$17 per Pint
$24 per 3-Cup
Beef & Noodles

Shredded, Carlton Farms grass-fed chuck roast, homemade beef stock, organic onion, and organic, Kerrygold brand grass fed butter, and a splash of organic cream mixed with Reame's brand thick-cut egg noodles.  

$18 per Pint
$26 per 3-cup

*Coconut Lentil Curry

6 Pints and Two 3-Cups Still Available

Organic Native Forest brand coconut milk, chicken bone broth, organic red lentils, organic celery, organic carrots, organic onions, organic ginger, organic garlic, organic cumin, organic tomato paste, and celtic sea salt.

$17 per Pint
$24 per 3-Cup

*Samosa Bowls

Only 1 Pint Available

Samosa filling without the dough.  Carlton Farms pastured ground lamb and Carlton Farms grass-fed ground beef spiced with traditional organic Indian spices (turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, garam masala, celtic sea salt, black pepper), and mixed with toasted pine nuts, organic peas, organic corn, diced organic potatoes, diced organic onion, minced organic garlic, grated organic ginger, organic fresh squeezed lemon juice, organic mint, and organic cilantro.  Allergy alert: please note that this meal contains pine nuts. 

Great served over rice!  Add organic white rice for $3 per Pint or organic brown for $4 per Pint.

$19 per Pint
$27 per 3-Cup

*Cream of Tomato & Basil Soup

Only 3 Pints Still Available

Organic Plum Tomatoes, Organic Basil, Pastured Chicken Bone Broth, Organic Onions, Organic Red Bell Peppers, Organic Garlic, Organic Thyme, Organic Red Crushed Pepper, Celtic Sea Salt, a splash of Organic Grass-fed Cream, and Organic Freshly Ground Black Pepper.  Pureed into a smooth & creamy soup.

$18 per Pint
$26 per 3-Cup

*Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Only Two 3-Cup Servings Still Available

Organic Butternut Squash (fresh, never canned), Organic Yellow Onion, Organic Celery, Organic Garlic, Fresh Organic Sage, Organic Kerrygold Grass-fed Butter, Homemade Pastured Chicken Stock, Napa Valley Naturals Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Sour Cream, Organic Black Pepper, and Celtic Sea Salt. All of these ingredients are pureed into a smooth Butternut Squash Soupwhich takes minutes to re-warm on the stove top.

$17 per Pint
$24 per 3-cup
*Traditional Chili with Kidney Beans

Only 2 Pints Remain

Carlton farms grass-fed ground beef and local, pastured ground pork with organic, traditionally soaked kidney beans, organic tomato puree, organic onions, organic garlic, organic bell peppers, and organic spices (chili powder, cumin, oregano, black pepper, and celtic sea salt), slow simmered in grass-fed homemade organic beef bone broth and smoked chicken bone broth.  

$17 per Pint
**To thaw TPK meals frozen in glass mason jars, please place the mason jar in a bowl of COLD water for ~30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, you can either warm the water for a faster thaw, or run the jar under warm faucet water to loosen the edges enough that the contents can easily be removed from the container.  Even with freezer-safe jars, if temperature changes too rapidly, they are occasionally prone to cracking.** 
*Vegetables by the Pint:

Would you like to add vegetable side dishes to your TPK entree?  Now you can choose from pints of organic buttered peas, organic buttered corn, buttered baby lima beans, or organic cooked baby carrots.  Kerrygold grass-fed butter, celtic sea salt.
$8 per Pint (2-3 servings)
$14 per Quart (4-6 servings)

Mix-and-match pricing:   2 Pints for $14   OR  3 Pints for $19
(*) Denotes Gluten-Free items

Please thoroughly rinse and return mason jars in order to keep packaging costs down; they will be sanitized before re-use.  Egg cartons are also helpful if they're clean enough to be re-used.  Thank you!

Although TPK attempts to list all of the ingredients in each dish, please make sure to advise of any food allergies when you place your order.   Please be advised vegetable substitutions may occasionally be necessary due to seasonal availability.
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