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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Father's Day is around the corner!

If you haven't already got it on your radar, Father's Day is coming soon. It may be a cliche, but we think Dads love to grill. We've got some great grilling picks for your Father's Day celebration plus a few extras!

For pork chop lovers, Prairie Pride Farm is your go-to for sustainably raised pastured pork. Their Berkshire / Duroc heritage pork is raised in small groups on rolling Minnesota pasture. For Father's Day, try the Gift of Prairie Pride Bundle. You'll receive a fantastic variety of pork cuts, ground pork, and free-range chicken. Ozark Natural Farms also free-ranges their birds and takes care to include only non-GMO corn in their supplemental feed. They've got smoked, whole and half Cornish Cross chicken for your grill or Dad's day meal.

If you're looking to stock up on beef, Good Fork Foods offers honest, healthy, humane, sustainable and delicious 100% grassfed beef. They offer some of your favorite beef cuts, from sirloin tri-tip to top round steak.

Last but not least, fresh lychees are now in season. Lychees are hard to find outside of tropical areas, and lucky for us Fresh Gardens offers them through LocalHarvest in June and July. Sweet, luscious lychees can be eaten plain and as dessert, but they also make a great savory pairing with pork or chicken, like this chicken and lychee in sweet and sour sauce recipe.

Happy Father's Day!

-- The LocalHarvest Team

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