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Monday, July 18, 2016

Carlton Farms Newsletter 7-18-16

Farm kids at soccer camp
This is not my normal email. I had the duty and privilege of accompanying Jersey and Atticus to soccer camp. Therefore I am sending the email from my phone.

We do have a few items of interest this week.
- Summer Veg Share started last week. You can still sign up at a pro-rated amount. Sign up now to get a share of organic vegetables and fruit each week. There are 10 weeks remaining in the summer season.
- Chickens are still available (as of this moment). Please order those online, as I will not be bringing a-la-carte chickens.
- Beef is in good supply. We have all cuts of beef posted online, we also have bulk beef boxes available. One new item we have is ground beef/organ meat blend. It's not online yet, but will be by this evening.

Please place your order by noon the day before we make the delivery.

I hope all is well with everyone.

Chad Carlton
Carlton Farms, 1276 Cartersville Hwy, Rockmart, GA 30153
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