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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Create Gorgeous Plant Designs for Your Garden and Home - Half Off From Craftsy!

Create Gorgeous Plant Designs for Your Garden and Home - Half Off From Craftsy!

Why do gardeners go for their hobby with such passion and dedication? I think it is because the creativity never ends. Gardeners are always adding, trimming, forming, watching, and that's what makes the work fun. Our gardens are our living, ever-changing palette. This month, Craftsy is offering LocalHarvest subscribers half-off two great plant design classes: David Culp's Growing a Layered Garden, and Debra Lee Baldwin's Stunning Succulent Arrangements. I think you'll find both classes captivating and enjoyable.

David Culp's Year Round Beauty: Growing a Layered Garden is a true plant-lover's class. David lays out three design essentials for us: how to work with space, time, and place. You'll learn about succession planting, which extends the period of bloom time for the plants you love, as well as considering what leaves and blooms will look like throughout the year. David understands how we are attracted to certain plants and how plants have special meaning for us, creating a sense of place. He'll guide you through plant selection, including working with native plants plus layering different varieties and species of your favorites.

You'll also go deeper into topics like planning your garden, making a statement with special spaces, such as your entryway, and designing for tricky areas like hillsides. Like many things, a beautifully orchestrated, designed garden might look simple and like a hand never touched it, but underneath a lot of planning and care has gone into it. You can achieve this calculated beauty by learning to layer! As always, it is the process that's the most fun.

In her class Stunning Succulent Arrangements, Debra Lee Baldwin covers everything you need to know about working with succulents. You'll learn about propagation and care, as well as design basics like combining color, arranging forms, and choosing your container or backing. Easy to grow and maintain, succulent arrangements bring a gorgeous array of texture and color to your home space. Last but not least, these are fun projects to do with friends, and make great gifts and tabletop adornments for everyday or special occasions. Soon you'll be swapping your favorite cuttings and sharing your creative ideas.

Get your creative juices flowing with these two inspirational classes! Year Round Beauty: Growing a Layered Garden and Stunning Succulent Arrangements are offered to LocalHarvest subscribers for the price of $19.99...that's 50% off for you. By enrolling you'll have lifetime access to the class and enjoy the flexibility of watching online or through Craftsy's mobile app. You'll be glad you signed up!

Kerry Glendening
Community Coordinator