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Friday, July 15, 2016

NEWS DIGEST - Police Leave Domestic Abuse Case to Raid Raw Milk Drop Site!

Police Leave Domestic Abuse Case for Raw Milk Raid & How Consumers Can Respond to a Raid
Dear Food Freedom Friend, 

The battle to access the foods of our choosing continues: police were reportedly pulled off of a domestic abuse case to inhibit pickups at a raw milk delivery. Here's how you can respond if suddenly the same happens at your pickup site.   

One small victory: the courts have vindicated FTCLDF farmer member Chris Zook yet again.

Help us win the coming battles and attend one (or all) of our August 19-21 fundraisers, including the last year in the foreseeable future for the Deluxe Tour of Polyface Farm led by Joel Salatin himself.

Warm regards,

News Digest - What's Up?    
July 15, 2016
by Farm-to-Consumer

If at first you don't succeed at harassing a farmer out of business, try again...and again...and again. That has been the tack the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Hopewell Township have taken since 2012 against Amish farmer...

by Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance

Imagine going to pick up your weekly gallon of milk, only to be met by a group of county health inspectors and sheriff's deputies who threaten arrest if you take the milk. Sound far-fetched? Perhaps. But that's exactly what happened...

by Gary Cox, Esq.

When it comes to the alternative food movement, it is usually the farmer against whom the government takes enforcement action. However, there are many examples where a person allows their driveway, front door stoop, or back porch to be used...

Right to kNOw GMOs

As you may have heard, the Senate voted last week to approve the Roberts-Stabenow version of the DARK Act. The next step is that it goes back to the House (since it's different from the version the House approved last summer) and then on to President Obama.
This bill would be more accurately termed an UNlabeling bill. It has huge loopholes, no enforcement mechanisms, and a two-year delay before anything happens--except that it immediately overrides state laws that are already in place.
This is not a "compromise" on labeling--it is effectively a ban on GMO labeling, in disguise.
We expect the House to vote this week. Given that the earlier version of the DARK Act passed by a large margin, and that the House sponsor has said he'll support the Senate version, it will almost certainly pass the House. 
The bill could be on the President's desk before the end of this week.
A presidential veto is our last chance to stop the DARK Act. Please take action today!


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