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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Check Out the Menu at Food Freedom Fundraisers!

The Reason for Food Freedom Fundraisers: 
Photo courtesy of Paleo On The Go

The Food Freedom Fundraisers menu is a celebration of the very reason for this gathering of food freedom lovers: locally-grown, nutrient-dense fare and the farmers who grow and raise it with care.

Here's a taste of what will be served during the food freedom weekend, with much gratitude to our sponsors

Saturday Deluxe Tour of Polyface Farm Lunch
Pastured Polyface chicken, grilled by Daniel Salatin
Pastured Polyface pulled pork
Polyface tomato & cucumber salad
Canal Junction raw milk cheese
Local fermented kraut
Local fresh fruit
Iced tea
Buchi kombucha

Sunday Ancestral Health Connection Brunch
Polyface Farm chicken, pork, and eggs with Fatworks lard
Local vegetables
Local fruit
Farmstead Fresh cheese
Local fermented veggies
Siete Foods coconut wraps
Buchi kombucha
Equal Exchange coffee

As a special thanks to you, our reader, see below for coupon codes (up to $80 off the weekend's events, per person)! 

And remember to check out this special offer from our long-time member and friend, Kristen Michaelis for your chance to win a ticket to the entire weekend! Must donate by August 5th for your chance to win!
FRIDAY, Aug. 19
 -  $750
A Premium Night at Polyface (6:30 p.m - 10:00 p.m.) - Swoope, Virginia
Join our hosts--Joel and Teresa Salatin, Daniel and Sheri Salatin--and appreciated guests for an exceptional multi-course local meal and excellent entertainment. This private event was specifically crafted by the Salatins to support our work.

SATURDAY, Aug. 20  -  $129 
Save $40 now through August 12 with coupon code "FFF40" - Only $89!*
Deluxe Tour of Polyface Farm (9 a.m. - 4 p.m.) - Swoope, Virginia
A premium 2.5-hour walking tour (led by Joel Salatin himself!) of one of America's most innovative sustainable agriculture projects plus a farm feast with the Salatin family, staff and interns. 

Prefer a more in-depth learning experience? Attend the concurrent Educational Farm Sessions instead of the tour.
SUNDAY, Aug. 21  -  $99
Save $60 on BOTH the Saturday Tour and Sunday Brunch, now through August 12 with coupon code "FFF60" - Only $168!*
Ancestral Health Connection (9 a.m. - 11 a.m.) - Swoope, Virginia
Robb Wolf, Diana Rodgers, Dallas Hartwig, Charles Mayfield, Drew Ramsey, and Joel Salatin will connect the dots between food, fitness, sustainability and community over a gluten-free, paleo-friendly brunch.

Want more time with the experts? Following brunch, purchase an
"Ask-Me-Anything" session with one (or all) of our experts for just $69 each!
Save $20 each session now through August 12 with coupon code "FFF20" - Only $49!
Reserve your seats now before they're gone, or learn more about the events here

*Members get additional discounts!

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