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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Savoring Summer

It is my big wish that all of you, now on a phone or computer, are at times getting out and enjoying the summer season. We at LocalHarvest love the outdoors and at heart, we're about good food grown by resourceful people who work with our beautiful earth. We've got some great summer season goods available for you.

Have you ever experienced eating a sugar apple? This unique tropical fruit has white, sweet, juicy flesh similar to soursop or cherimoya. Some say it's like tasting ice cream from a tree. Fresh Gardens of Homestead, Florida offers sugar apples and other specialty tropical fruit shipped freshly picked from the farm to you.

Each year in late July we look forward to a new crop of fragrant dried lavender buds and bundles. Just imagine opening your package and unleashing lavender's sweet spicy aroma. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or crafting, now is the best time to buy the first of this year's dried lavender.

Last but not least, we've got some of the best grassfed and naturally raised meats for your summer grill. Pop's Grassfed Beef of Carthage, Missouri has everything from bulk ground beef to roasts and sirloin, all pasture-raised without hormones, antibiotics, or grain feed.

Happy summer, and enjoy it while it's here!

-- The LocalHarvest Team

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