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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall Goodness from LocalHarvest

Fall Favorites from the LocalHarvest Catalog

Happy post-autumnal equinox to everyone! Fall is in the air, and for many farmers across the country, harvest-time has reached its height. This is a great time to buy sustainably-raised, grassfed meats and sign up for a fall or winter CSA share.

Good Fork Foods of Silver Spring, Maryland offers honest, healthy, humane, sustainable grassfed beef. They offer ideal cuts for purchasing in bulk to stock up your freezer, like their succulent rib eye roast and small-batch ground beef.

Passionfruit season is still going strong, so get yours now!

If you're thinking of planting a fall garden, and live in the South or West, there's still plenty of time to buy your seeds. And for Northerners who grow garlic, you have about a month to order that seed garlic and get it planted right around Halloween.

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Coming soon ... the LocalHarvest Annual Medicinal Herb Sale.

Until next time, take good care and eat well,
The LocalHarvest Team