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Friday, September 2, 2016

Food Therapy @ Roswell Farmers Market

Food Therapy @ Roswell Farmers Market

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We have many new members as of late and I wanted to send out information on changes, new additions, and offerings.

As many of you already know we are much more than a local grocer. My commitment to a healthy community goes far beyond stopping by for some meat or produce. I DO NOT Source from DISTRIBUTORS. Our produce has not been sent to packaging plants,  transported, cross docked, stored in a warehouse, and then sent to the back of the store until the front is sold on FIFO systems. So how does RFM work?

Farms in the Ga and border state area grow for RFM pick and deliver same day (exception is Miami farms a 24 H logistical drag). Each farm I have visited, checked soil, checked nutrient density on vine, ensured there is NO pesticide residue from area farms. ensured they are 100% GMO Free, and each farm integrates biodynamic principles into their organic farming practices. You have to remember that just because something is certified organic does NOT mean that there are nutrients in the produce or if something is said to be grass fed does not mean grass finished. There are many marketing terms that have allowed for consumer deception based on perception. Make sure you are informed.

I do not sell or cook with produce that is over 10 days off vine. At around day 12 to 15 produce is nutritionally dead, fiber and sugar is all you will be feeding your body. Today with organic factory farming there is no guarantee that nutrients were ever present. Mono-cropping and over use of OMNI products allows for factory farms to reduce labor and increase profit by providing an inferior product at an inflated price. Sad to say but is happening..look it up!  There is so much more going on in our food supply system that we can discuss later!

Below I have detailed changes and offerings at Roswell Farmers Market & Roswellness.
I am shifting to a membership only model. Meaning that only a select few (single person households) who are approved will be able to stop and shop. This is an effort to provide the highest quality produce and meats to our members. Probiotic and access to brew room will also be available to members.

Organic CSA Boxes (weekly produce pick up), Wild Caught Hook n Line CSF (seafood boxes less than 24 H out of water w/ NO DIP and NO everfresh), Whole or half livestock (pork, cow, chicken, turkey, lamb, goat).
Call 770-702-0109 to find out more!  
CSA BOX: Local organic & Biodynamic Produce Boxes. we customize boxes based on allergies, family size, dietary restrictions, & dietary needs.
Small Box 1-2 people once a week pick up x 1 month = $100/month
Medium Box 2-3 people once a week pick up x 1 month = $140 / month
Large Box 3-4 people once a week pick up for 1 month = $180/month
**based on omnivore diet not a vegetarian or vegan diet. You can add to your box when pick up.
Also pick up Seafood or Poultry at same time!!

****I have added a few extra farms and can open up additional CSA spaces. This is limited to 50 slots and the CSA will be full for now. First come. I am also looking for new Host Homes / Businesses for CSA Drop off. Minimum of 10 to participate and Host Home receives a free weekly Small CSA Box. Fundraising opportunities available as well.
Food Therapy: Food therapy is the therapeutic use of real food with real nutrients. No processed, canned, frozen junk from China or who know where. Good nutritious food that optimizes cellular respiration and assists you to reach your goals faster!

Your goal may be to simply eat better and reduce stress. You may need additional support such as customized meals designated by your treating practitioner or recommended thru our herbal clinic. What ever your goals from being healthier, reducing stress, weight loss, momentary situations (i.e. pre/post op, pre/post natal, house renovations/moving) we have you covered.

In the past I have sent out menus however, since 89% of my clients need customized meals we are ceasing menu emails. To get on our schedule you will need to contact us to set up and in person or over the phone appointment so I can get an idea of your needs. At times there is a need for a longer consultation if you are not sure what you need. 

We have partnered with Uber Eats and on Monday, Tuesday, & Friday you can order off the Uber Menu.

Individual Meals are available or you can order in bulk for the week.
Vegetarian/Vegan Meals 
7 days Dinner $102/ person
5 days Dinner $82.50/person
7 days Lunch / Dinner $172/ person
5 days Lunch / Dinner $135/person
7 days Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner $235/person
5 days Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner $182.50
Custom Smoothie Cubes $75/week  
Meat / Veggie Mix Meals   
7 days Dinner $123/ person
5 days Dinner $96.25/person
7 days Lunch / Dinner $215/ person
5 days Lunch / Dinner $165/person
7 days Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner $277/person 
5 days Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner $212.50 / person 
** All meals are customized to meet dietary restrictions, health needs, 100% organic, biodynamic, local, made from scratch for you! ***discounts for families and children.

Roswell Farmers Market and Roswellness are combined in one central location to offer you a complete holistic experience!
Complete Herbal apothecary
Herbal Clinic - appointment required
Massage therapy
Reiki appointments and provided as food therapy
Organic Coffee and Tea Bar with lounge area and free WiFi (water is double filtered)
Herbal and Cooking Classes
Bridal Bootcamps
Meeting space can be reserved
***and much much more!!

690 Holcomb Bridge #260
Roswell 30076
You can now find Oli & Ve organic olive oil @ RFM! Make sure to stop by their store on Canton Street to learn more about their oils and vinegars! Make every dish a culinary delight!
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