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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Gardeners get ready...seed garlic is in

Gardeners get ready...seed garlic is in.

Seasoned gardeners know that garlic is essential when planting out the fall garden. Garlic is easy to grow, but requires patience. The payoff? Green garlic, garlic scapes, and mature bulbs that out-shine store bought.

Order your seed garlic now!

The LocalHarvest catalog features over twenty different seed garlic varieties, broadly categorized as softnecks, hardnecks, and - not a true garlic - elephant garlic. You'll find there's a lot more out there than just the imported white softneck variety we typically see in the grocery store. The array of flavors range from mild-garlicky to robust, piquant and hot.

If you don't have space to plant, you can also sample many of these as culinary garlics. Two of my favorites are Music, a warm, robust porcelin hardneck garlic, and Chesnok Red, a flavorful, easy to peel purple-striped hardneck.

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