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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op -- News: Unrefined Sea Salt Group Buy -last opportunity!

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op

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Group Buy – Unrefined Sea Salt

Since I received numerous emails and a few pleas at pick up I'm extending the sea salt group buy 1 more week. Limited amount is posted so once it's sold out, it's gone so order early.

We only order sel gris de Guérande (Grey Sea Salt) once a year so you don't want to miss out!

Please expect to pick up your salt order in 1 to 2 weeks. See my gift idea below. During the holidays I gift this salt to friends and family and they absolutely love it!

Grey Sea Salt Description
The French perfected the art of high quality, hand-harvested sea salt by using centuries old Celtic methods. It's no coincidence they produce the finest grey sea salt in the world. Sel Gris is known for its beautiful grey color, coming from the clay lining the salt ponds, as well as its high moisture content and extraordinary mineral content, with bonus nutrients not found in most sea salts. Over 15% of the material in sel gris de Guérande are trace minerals—possibly the highest of any salt anywhere. 100 grams of sel gris contains about 100 minerals, including 34g of sodium, 287mg calcium, 109mg potassium, 34mg magnesium, 11mg iron, 1mg manganese, and 0.35mg zinc, plus a host of trace minerals like from antimony, copper, germanium, and gold to iodine, to palladium, yttrium, and zirconium.

Sel Gris Tamisé is a medium-sized crystal that is carefully sifted from the brut grains and is comparable to the size of Fleur de Sel. Great for baking and cooking, or to add a delicate crunch to your favorite dish.

Sel Gris Fine is the very same high quality grey salt as the coarser varieties, but is stone ground for easy dispensing from a salt shaker. No additives of any kind are mixed with the salt. The naturally delicious flavor of grey salt and its lower sodium content make this a perfect replacement for ordinary table salt.

Gift Idea- Pour unrefined sea salt into a decorative glass jar, add beautiful ribbon and it's the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking! You can even add a card with the description above. Makes a perfect Hostess gift too!

Market News

My Daily Bread will NOT be on the market this week. They will be on every other week.

ALL the veggies and fruits listed on the market are either Certified Naturally Grown or organically grown. NO synthetic chemical pesticides or fertilizers ever used

Veggies – Pak Choi
Veggies – Peppers, Mixed Sweet
Veggies – Peas, shelled 'Pinkeye Purple Hull '
Veggies – Peas, unshelled 'Pinkeye Purple Hull '
Pears- Bartlett "Canning" bulk size perfect for preserves
Pears "Bartlett"
Chicken "Whole Cut Up"
Veggies – Pepper 'Corno di Toro'
Veggies – Peppers Cayenne
Tea Tree / Cedarwood with ground pumice (Large 5 oz. Bar)
Tea Tree / Cedarwood with ground
Veggies – Shishito Peppers
Veggies – Eggplant 'Machiaw'
Lamb- Leg Roast- various sizes
Alpaca Chuck Roast various sizes
Alpaca Ribs
Alpaca Liver
Lamb- Shoulder Roast
Veggies – Cucumbers, Slicing
Veggies – Cucumbers, Pickling
Veggies – Squash Spaghetti 'Small Wonder'
Veggies – Butternut Squash
Veggies – N. Ga. Candy Roaster
Veggies – Okra 'Mixed'
Veggies – Eggplant 'Violette De Florence'
Veggies – Eggplant 'Little Green"
Beef – Suet
Beef – Brisket Half
Beef – Marrow bones

Volunteers Needed – Beta Club Members welcome

Please consider volunteering during market pick up. I can't run the co-op without your help!

THANK YOU Diana, Pam, Margaret, and Chuck for helping out on Tuesday! We couldn't run the co-op without your support!

If you have a high schooler in the Beta Club that needs hours please let them know they can volunteer at the market. I will sign off on their hours.

The schedule through the end of the year is posted. To sign up click: Vounteer Sign up

No packing is involved just need someone to be there to assist other members. You are welcome to bring your kids as long as they are supervised.

FACEBOOK – Opportunity to help!
Many of you have told me that you can't volunteer due to your work/family schedule and I completely understand. You've also asked what else can I do help out the co-op? Here's one way that will really help us out – if you are on Facebook or other social media please consider posting a pic of your co-op goodies! I have a very limited marketing budget and really depend on word of mouth advertising. Please feel free to spread the word about our wonderful market! Tag us @SuwaneeWholeLife

Thank you in advance for your support!

Upcoming Group Buys/Vendors of the Day

Below is a list of upcoming co-op group buys to help with planning and budgeting. All dates are subject to change.

Collagen 9/9 – 9/11
Wilderness Family Naturals- 9/23 – 9/25
Grass Fed Cheese – 10/14 – 10/16

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious foods possible!

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