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Monday, November 28, 2016

Heirloom Living Market Lilburn -- Odering closes at 8:00pm! Have you ordered???

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends! I am continually grateful for your support of the Market!

The Market closes at 8:00pm!

I cannot stress enough the need for us to meet minimum ordering amounts for delivery to be feasible for our Farmers as well as to keep the Market open! As of this writing we are 3/4's of the way to minimum. If you haven't ordered, please click the link below and place your order now! We appreciate your support of our LOCAL Farmers and of the Market!

Take me to the Lilburn Market.

…a few notes…

Ancient Awakenings has fermented offerings this week. Next availability will be January 5th!

Back River Farm
Farmer Brown (Mr. Ricky) is offering his delicious, raw Honey in both the 12 oz, 24 oz and 3# jars! All Honey is packaged in glass jars! Be sure and indicate 'Light' or 'Dark' in the Comment section of the product! Ricky's hives are on his Farm in Bethlehem, GA! Samples of this Honey have been available the last couple of weeks at both Markets! Don't miss this opportunity! Bees only make so much Honey!! If you have already ordered, please email me at and let me know if you prefer the Dark or Light Honey!

Burnell Farms
Tammy and Mr. Bill are back with us offering a variety of fresh Veggies!

Onion Chives
Broccoli Greens
Cabbage Leaves
Kale (Blue Dwarf)
Lettuce (Romaine)
Bunching Onions
Ghost Peppers
Swiss Chard
Green Tomatoes

My Daily Bread has their yummy offerings on the Market this week. Dabrielle has set aside time and resources to bake for our Market on a weekly basis. If we are not able to make a minimum amount, it is not financially sustainable for My Daily Bread and we will lose our place in getting our orders filled. Check out their Organic Bakery items and get your orders placed before Market close!

Doug's Garden has listed Assorted Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash and his wonderful Herb Lovers Box!

Fry Farm has items listed on the Market this week.

Broccoli Freezer Special!
Bok Choi
Butternut Squash
North Georgia Candy Roaster Squash
Nappa Cabbage
Endive Lettuce
Wild Garden Kale Mix
Lettuce 'Wild Summer Mix'
Hakurei Turnips (with or without greens)
Baby Turmeric
Baby Ginger

Heritage Farm

Greg is using a new meat processor! Don't miss the opportunity to check out all of the new Sausages:

Bratwurst Jalepeno and Cheese links
Irish Bangers
German style Frankfurter (On Sale this week)
Sweet Italian Sausage
Cajun Sausage
Polish Sausage

Apples (these are wonderful!!)

Lilburn Members Pickup Location
All Saints Lutheran Church
Pickup Day and Time: Thursday 3:30pm – 6:30pm
Pickup Location:
722 Rockbridge Road SW
Lilburn, GA 30047
Click Here for Map

Take me to the Lilburn Market.

BUY LOCAL ~ Know your Farmer!

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