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Sunday, November 27, 2016

LH Featured Farmer: Pablo Rodriguez of Rancho Charanda

LH Featured Farmer: Pablo Rodriguez of Rancho Charanda

We at LocalHarvest are embarking on a new project to bring you closer to the farmers who grow your food. Periodically we'll be interviewing our members to share their unique stories with you.

Pablo Rodriguez is the owner of Rancho Charanda, growers of citrus and specialty fruit crops, and The Aztec Garden, his project featuring medicinal and culinary herbs of ancient and modern Mexico. We've always loved his artful presentations and passion for growing good food and herbs, so we looked forward to asking Pablo a few questions about what inspires him.

LocalHarvest: What got you into farming?

Pablo Rodriguez: I was totally inspired by my grandmother. As a young boy, I remember spending the summer playing in her huge garden filled with tomatoes, chiles, cactus, herbs and several types of stone fruit. Every time my siblings and I visited, we would peek into the refrigerator and shout, “there’s nothing to eat”... but grandma would always whip something up freshly picked from her garden. So I decided to continue the tradition of growing my own meals. Plus farming keeps me grounded, it connects me to the land and nature, brings me peace and relaxes my mind. I respect the earth and the life giving energy the food provides us.

LH: What inspired you to create The Aztec Garden?

Pablo: Years ago I discovered a reproduction of an obscure little herbal book written in 1552 called the Aztec Herbal...

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Many thanks to Pablo Rodriguez for taking the time to share with us! If you're curious about Rancho Charanda and The Aztec Garden, and you're in their area, you can contact them about visiting, or you can check out their listings out on LocalHarvest.

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