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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New From Rancho Alegre Farm

Here's what a grandmother that visited with a school field trip had to say about her recent visit! I attended your farm last week with my grandson an

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Here's what a grandmother that visited with a school field trip had to say about her recent visit!

I attended your farm last week with my grandson and his class from Grayson UMC kindergarten. I want to say thank you for the wonderful experience you provided for us. Your facility and program were well planned and very appropriate for our group of 3-year-olds. They were engaged and excited. My little guy said it was "Super Fun!"
Your guides were all excellent. They were articulate, patient, and engaging. We all learned a lot about the farm and the science of farming. The rotation through the centers enhanced the engagement and gave the children a variety of memorable experiences.
Look at the great photo of him by the donkey. He had such a blast! Thanks for giving a Nana a day full of fun memories with her grandson!
Kris Caldwell

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Pilar's Garden Tips

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Take advantage of tree and shrub sales!

Right now you can continue to plant shrubs and trees. Even though it's chilly outdoors, the soil is still warm enough to encourage root growth. Remove all of the twine, wire or paper trunk cover on each one.
When planting a tree excavate a hole only twice as big as the root ball of the tree you're planting. Scatter 4 pounds of lime and one-fourth cup of 0-46-0 fertilizer (or use some type of "starter fertilizer") over the soil as you shovel up the area. The roots will be able to use the nutrients immediately when they expand. When you have the tree in the hole you made in the planting spot, excavate around the trunk until you find the area where the trunk flares out to become the root(s). Make the first big root level with the surrounding soil before you backfill the hole with loose earth. Fill the hole and water well.


Recipe of the Week


Paleo Breakfast Casserole

This breakfast casserole made with sausage and sweet potatoes is the perfect way to start your Thanksgiving Day!
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As you know, word of mouth is our best advertising, so if you think your school would benefit from a field trip to our farm, or you know someone who needs a cool place to throw a birthday party, please let them know about us!

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