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Monday, December 12, 2016

Carlton Farms Newsletter 12-12

Delivery News
REMINDER: Order deadline is Noon the day before we deliver:
All of the Meat bundles listed below are still available, stock up for Christmas. We also have cream listed online. 
Meat selection and specials: Our freezers are bursting at the seams due to the large amount of meat we have available right now. Our Lambs just came back from the processor and they are now listed online. Lamb is for sale by the ut as always, but this year I have created a Bulk Lamb Bundle. We have several Turkeys left. The turkeys take up a lot of space and they would be a wonderful addition to your christmas gathering. I have just substantially reduced the price on the turkeys to free up that freezer space. Beef and Pork have also recently been brought back from the processor. The beef has already been listed online, but i'm still working on the rest of the pork. 
Specials that are available this week: Click below to go right to that special.

FarmFan: Get Text Message Reminders and Receive Rewards.
As one of our Farmfans you are able to receive text message reminders, both to place your order and to come pick-up your order. You will also have the ability to check-in when you pick-up. As you accumulate check-ins you will earn rewards such as Grocery Bags, T-shirts, Discounts.

On the Farm

On The Farm:
Here is another look at what our cows are eating in the dead of winter. We provide them with plenty of high quality hay and what little grazing the pasture is able to provide this time of year. We would all prefer to have milk from lush green pastures year around.  With our new fodder system we are able to provide a
 taste of spring even in the most extreme weather of the year. The Barley is soaked and sprouted in the trays pictured. No nutrients are ever added to the water. All of the nutrients needed for the first 7-10 days of life already exist inside the seed. The seeds grow from germination to 8 inches tall in 7 days. Our system waters the seed bed several times per hour. Lest you think we waste that water, the water that drains from the trays is then routed to an outdoor drinking tank for the cows on pasture. The fodder is pulled from the system and fed to the cattle after 7 days of growth.  The cows absolutely eat this stuff with a vigor that I seldom see them eat with, it is both interesting and hillarious. (I will try to get a video of them eating and post to Facebook). We believe that lush grass is the key to great milk, and in the times of year that make pasture grazing impossible, this system provides a nice substitute. It is even a nice compliment to grazing in the growing season. If you are a cow, there's just nothing that can replace young tender greeen grass, and now we can provide that all year long. 
 I will be posting pictures of our endeavors on the farm.  Be sure to check out: or on our new instagram account @carltonfarm

Thanks for your continued support. At Carlton Farms we are proud to be your farmer.


Chad Carlton
Carlton Farms
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