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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Handmade with Love - Gifts from LocalHarvest

Handmade with Love - Gifts from LocalHarvest

We've got so many wonderful ways to show our appreciation. Of course the best are priceless, like a big smile and a hug, but we enjoy adding in a few token gifts too. If you're looking for holiday ideas, here are some goodies for sharing the love of good food and things handcrafted.

Chokola'j Chocolate - Giant Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

These fine peanut butter cups speak for themselves. Mouth-watering and larger than your average PB cup, they're made from fresh ground peanut butter, a dash of sea salt, and dark chocolate made with fresh, local dairy. If you love handcrafted confections, check out more fine artisan chocolates from Chokolaj.

Rancho Charanda - Holiday Gift Boxes

Rancho Charanda's fruit is fully tree-ripened then carefully hand-picked, hand-cleaned and hand-packed to ensure that you receive the freshest, tastiest fruits available. Your order will arrive in a craft box with a beautiful vintage-style fruit label.

Medjool Dates - Ellet Medjool

The Ellett Medjool Date family farm is a second generation producer of the highest quality, naturally grown Medjool dates. Choose from a variety of gift sizes!

Northwest Wild Foods - Wild Smoked Salmon, Wild Berry Preserves and more

Northwest Wild Foods is a small family run company who has specialized in harvesting only the best wild foods and specialty foods for over 25 years. Don't miss browsing their store - it's packed with delicious wild foods from the mountains to the sea.

LH Market Tote Bag

Our new tote bag has become my go-to for carrying around books, clothes, and of course, farmers market produce. Our LocalHarvest tote is made from sturdy, 100% organic cotton, manufactured in the USA, and adorned with our loveable LocalHarvest carrot logo. Get yours today!

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Happy holidays!
-- The LocalHarvest Team