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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sunshine in Winter - 10% off on Citrus From Fairview Orchard

Sunshine in Winter - Citrus From Fairview Orchard

Need a little pick me up on these short winter days? Fragrant, sweet-tart and full of sunny goodness, California citrus is now ripening on the trees. To start off the season, Fairview Orchards of Ojai just notified us that their Meyer lemons and tangerines are looking fantastic this year.

Buy Organic Citrus!

Fairview is a family owned and operated farm and producers of beautiful, gourmet quality organically grown fruit. Lucky for us, they're offering 10% off on their Organic Meyer lemons, or their Organic Seasonal Citrus Mix Box for the holidays.

Please note that orders shipped after Tuesday, December 20th may not arrive in time for Christmas delivery.

-- Kerry