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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Science Based 1/2 Day Camp and Workshops!

Presidents Day Farm Camp Coming! We are having a 1/2 day science-based farm camp on February 20th for homeschoolers and students that are out of scho

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Presidents Day Farm Camp Coming!

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We are having a 1/2 day science-based farm camp on February 20th for homeschoolers and students that are out of school for Presidents Day! Mark it on your calender's now and keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters! We'll be sending out more info soon and how you can sign up!


Recipe of the Week!



Wanting to kick your pasta habit? Use spaghetti squash or spiralized zucchini noodles instead! They are delicious and even your kids will like them!
Here's an easy recipe to give it a try!


Amazing Uses for Toothpaste  1

Kelley's Home Tip

Did you know we have a professional blogger on our staff? Kelley Wilson is the voice behind the blog Miss Information! She'll be bringing you great tips every week to make your life easier at home! We know you'll enjoy them!

10 Amazing Uses for Toothpaste
Did you know that toothpaste can be used for more than just brushing your teeth? From cleaning to home repair here are some great tips you are going to love like how to remove watermarks from furniture!



Upcoming Workshops!


Make sure to look at our upcoming newsletter and participate in our survey to know what workshops you want us to host this year. We have an eager group of instructors, waiting to teach and share some great health, nutrition, cooking, homesteading, and gardening knowledge with you.
In the meantime, we would love for you to know more about this great health resource, that's is local, and a great opportunity

Learn about Gut Health and the GAPS Diet

You all have heard me before talk about the GAPS diet, and how it helps your body cure itself of many ailments like inflammation, allergies, and auto-immune diseases.
Last year we hosted Dr. Jamie LaPrairie at our Nutrient Dense Food Conference and we had discussed having her back to host a workshop. We'll let you know later the dates for that.
She is currently offering a GAPS Group! You get the first full month of the Full GAPS Protocol. She will provide all necessary information about getting started, recipes, etc. She will also set up a free 45-minute telephone conversation with you to discuss if GAPS is the best option for you before signing up. The cost of the GAPS group is $100.

Here is a bit about Dr. Jamie LaPrairie:

Jamie LaPrairie Ph.D., NTP, CGP is a Neuroscientist and Associate Research Faculty at Emory University. For most of her career, Dr. LaPrairie's research focused on exposure to neuropsychotropic medication during pregnancy and its impact on fetal brain development and child outcomes. Most recently, she is using a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the role of the microbiome in regulating complex social and cognitive behaviors to gain a greater understanding of the impairments present in individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other pervasive developmental disorders. Dr. LaPrairie is also a certified Nutritional Therapist and GAPS Practitioner and is passionate about educating others on the fundamental role of the gut in human health and disease. If you are interested in working with Jamie one-on-one through the GAPS Nutritional Protocol, please reach out to her at 404-602-2437.


As you know, word of mouth is our best advertising, so if you think your school would benefit from a field trip to our farm, or you know someone who needs a cool place to throw a birthday party, please let them know about us!

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