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Friday, January 13, 2017

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op -- SALE! Jun (Probiotic Drink) on certain flavors/batch

Cultured Traditions has put some of their Jun probiotic drinks on SALE. This particular batch was over-fermented and a little more sour and fizzy compared to previous batches. Fermentation is an art and can vary from batch to batch so if you like slightly sour and fizzy this perfect for you!

I personally have taste tested these flavors against a batch that I previous bought a couple of weeks ago and they all taste great but the fruit flavor was not as pronounced. I actually prefer more sour and fizzy and sometimes leave my Jun on the counter for a day to get this effect. Feel free to stock up!!! The sale will end once all of this batch is sold out.

Look for the SALE!!! $3 – Jun – *a little overfermented-more sour and fizzy in the Fermented / Probiotic Foods section on market* or search for sale in our handy search field on the website to easily locate them.

Please note that the flavors that are priced at $5 are from the previous batch that was not effected and will not be discounted.

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