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Monday, February 20, 2017

Bread Beckers' eBread for February 21, 2017

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If you are interested in one of the events below, please click on the link to register - classes do fill up quickly!  More classes and events will be scheduled, you can also find them on our web site.

Ankarsrum Mixer Model Closeout Special

Ankarsrum is coming out with a new model (minor cosmetic changes and warranty extended from 5 to 7 years).  So, to make room, all current models are on sale for $599.95 - a $100 savings.  When the new model comes in, the prices will return to $699.95.

Prices are good while supplies last AND the quantities are limited.

7 colors are in stock as of this email:

Mineral White
Black Chrome
Pearl Green
Pear Blue
Pearl Pink

To order on line, go to

Special Blend: Org Kamut, Org Red, Org White

#04746 - Wheat Kamut Red White ORGANIC 45lbs. 6 gal. Bckt.

This is a SPECIAL blend of Kamut brand organic Khorasan wheat, organic hard red wheat and organic hard white wheat.  Our supplier made a mistake at the grain elevator and accidentally combined these three grains!  We have already baked with it, and it makes beautiful bread!

The proportions are approximately 50% Kamut, 25% red, and 25% white (but could vary).

Supplies are limited, and when this runs out there will be no more. If you look at the individual prices for Kamut, organic red and organic white wheats you will see that the price is very good.  HOWEVER, through the end of this month, use discount code KRWO2017 to get a 10% discount while supplies last! (NOTE: if you come into our store, we are already offering the discount.)  
Sue's GA Speaking Events Winter 2017

"Healthy Eating Simplified"
Tuesday March 7, 2017
First United Methodist Church (in Fellowship Hall)
220 N Patterson St
Valdosta, GA
Sponsored by Lowndes Area EmployersLikeMe Healthcare Roundtable

Admission is free, registration is required

Contact Amanda Davis:  229-563-4816
~ Light Refreshments will be served ~

"Healthy Eating Simplified"

Wednesday March 8, 2017
The Atrium
114 N Peterson Ave
Douglas, GA
Sponsored by The Coffee Health Alliance and Coffee Regional Medical Center

Admission is free, registration is required

Contact Joy Paulk:  912-384-5270  ext 200
~ Light Refreshments will be served ~

"Healthy Eating Simplified"

Thursday March 9, 2017
First Methodist Church (Activity Center)
209 Church Street
Vidalia, GA
Sponsored by Vidalia Area EmployersLikeMe Healthcare Roundtable and the Meadows Regional Medical Center

Admission is free, registration is required

Contact Tracy Hart     912-245-0303
~ Light Refreshments will be served ~

"Real Bread - The Staff of Life"

Monday March 13, 2017
Hope of the Generations Church
4178 Crest Hwy (Hwy 74)
Thomaston, GA 30286
Admission is free, registration is required

Contact :
Michel Mathison 706-741-0267 OR
Adrienne Shales 706-656-2200
~ Light Refreshments will be served ~

"Real Bread - The Staff of Life"
Tuesday March 28, 2017
10:00am - 11:30am
Canton First United Methodist Church
Canton, GA
Women's Aglow Ministry

Cooking Classes

Getting Started
Saturday March 25, 2017
10am - 2:30pm
Registration $10
Taught by Sue Becker
Click here to register

We will introduce you to the world of milling your own grains and making all your own breads.  We will start from "scratch" and discuss all the necessary baking ingredients and types of wheat and equipment needed to make this lifestyle change not only possible but doable!

We will demonstrate milling flour, mixing quick breads, kneading bread dough, either by hand or machine, shaping the dough, making quick cereals, and even tortillas.

And best of all - you get to taste everything we make!!  We will demonstrate the Wonder Mill, NutriMill, Bosch Kitchen Machine, the Ankarsrum Original mixer, Zojirushi Bread Machine, Tribest Personal Blender, and the ChefPro Tortilla press.

Lots of information presenting the endless possibilities of baking with whole grains.

NOTE: If you already own a copy of our "Recipe Collection" (the RED cookbook), it would be a good idea to bring it to take notes and mark-up some recipes with helpful information you will hear in the class.  If you don't have a copy (or forget to bring one), we do have plenty for sale in the store!

Co-ops are a great way to get your grains and other supplies that are just too expensive to ship any other way.  Current co-op shipping rates range from 12 cents to 15 cents per pound (depending on distance from our warehouse) when we deliver on our own truck, compared to UPS rates that can be around 60 cents a pound!

We have over 100 co-op locations around the Southeast.  Visit our website  and find the co-op closest to you, our coordinators will be happy to welcome you into  a co-op!
The co-op schedule can be found on our web site at

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