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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fun Facts for Kids and A Gardening Experiment

Fun Facts about Presidents that were Farmers! In honor of next Monday being presidents day we wanted to share some fun facts you can share with your

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Fun Facts about Presidents that were Farmers!


In honor of next Monday being presidents day we wanted to share some fun facts you can share with your kids! Did you know that many of our past presidents were farmers? From our First President George Washington who grew wheat to Jimmy Carter to was a peanut Farmer!

George Washington used crop rotation and multiple methods of fertilization. He farmed tobacco then moved to wheat believing it would be more profitable.
John Adams family grew corn, rye, wheat, oats, and barley, and kept livestock.
Thomas Jefferson grew a multitude of crops, including wheat, corn, and clover on over 5000 acres.
James Monroe inherited his family's tobacco farm upon the death of his father. The estate was adjacent to Thomas Jefferson's home Monticello.
John Tyler was born on a Virginia plantation in 1790. bought a 1,200-acre plantation called Sherwood Forest. After his term as president, he moved there where he cultivated more than 80 varieties of trees.
Abraham Lincoln and his family moved several times, but each time they settled on a farm. One of the farms on which he lived as a boy in Knob Creek, Kentucky, is now a historic site, preserved by the National Park Service.
Ulysses S. Grant built a log cabin and tried farming the land given to them by his wife's father after the war. Families visit Grant's Farm each year to see animals and learn a little bit about the 18th president of the United States.
Harry S. Truman gave up a career in banking, in his early 20's to return to his family's farm outside of Kansas City, Missouri, where he fed farm animals, planted corn, helped his mom and sister with the cooking and joined the Farm Bureau, all while serving in the Missouri National Guard.
Jimmy Carter Carter grew up on his parents' peanut farm in Plains, Georgia. After WWII due to a drought during his first year as a farmer, net profits totaled $187. It took about six years of hard work to make the peanut farm lucrative once again.

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