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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Annual LocalHarvest Seed Giveaway

The Annual LocalHarvest Seed Giveaway

Every day we are thankful for the good work we are blessed with, and the strong support we've received from farmers and food lovers over the years. In celebration, we are again hosting a seed giveaway, which begins today. Our catalog is packed with seeds -- veggie, herb, tree, and flower -- all raised by LocalHarvest farmers.

When you order LocalHarvest seeds between now and midnight on February 21st, you'll be automatically entered to win. If yours happens to be one of the five orders chosen at random, we'll contact you letting you know your order is **FREE!**

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We like to give away seeds because of what they symbolize: the possibility of new life out of apparent stasis, the capacity for resilience, and the possibility of jaw-dropping abundance. May the joy you receive from your gardens be rich and plentiful this year.

-- The LocalHarvest Team