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Saturday, March 11, 2017

California citrus and avocados - get em' while you can!

California citrus and avocados - get em' while you can!

Nothing quite compares with sweet, tangy fresh squeezed orange juice. With Rancho Charanda's Juicy Juice Club, you can juice just as if you had your own backyard orange tree. When you become a member of their club, Rancho Charanda will stock you up with bi-weekly boxes of delicious Navel or Valencia oranges (depending on the season).

Creamy Hass avocados are also now ripe for the eating. This week we've got fantastic Hass avocados available in five pound boxes from Tom at Herbfresh Farm. Get them now before they're gone.

Last but not least, T&D Farm are offering their sweet, seedless Cara Cara oranges in a bulk-sized box containing up to about 32 Cara Cara oranges. Cara Caras are a Navel-type orange but slightly sweeter with a reddish flesh. We thought you might like to try some!

Enjoy the best in fresh California citrus and avocados!

-- The LocalHarvest Team