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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Heirloom Florida Citrus and More!

Heirloom Florida Citrus and More!

This time of year, LocalHarvest's citrus growers are spending their days out in the sunshine, harvesting glorious fruit.

Pete and Cindy Spyke call their farm The Orange Shop, and it's been around since 1936. They grow their fruit in the heart of Indian River country in Citra, Florida, where the warm ocean breezes sweeten the fruit. Their heirloom Temple and Ortanique oranges and Indian River grapefruit, are all offered with free shipping. The Orange Shop offers single-fruit boxes and combo packs.

Fairview Orchards of Ojai, California is now offering 10% off their Eureka and Meyer lemons. They've also got a mixed avocado and citrus box at regular price and free shipping. Inside you'll find a delicious variety of creamy Hass avocados, lemons, and sweet tangerines. The mixed box is great for yourself or as a gift to a friend.

Support your family farmers and enjoy the best in fresh citrus!

-- The LocalHarvest Team