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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

2 More Workshops Announced

SIGN UP FOR A WORKSHOP! We are very excited to be offering workshops again at Rancho Alegre. We will be hosting regular workshops throughout the year

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We are very excited to be offering workshops again at Rancho Alegre. We will be hosting regular workshops throughout the year and have two coming up soon!


May 4th 7-9 pm

Cost $30 - all materials included

Ever wanted to learn how to make your own soaps? In this workshop, we will show you how to break down chemistry, build recipes and make your very own soap. From beginning to advanced soaping techniques we will help you discover your inner homesteader. Only 12 tickets available!

Immune Tea


May 9th - 6-9 pm

Cost: $40 - all materials included

Make your own herbal remedies? Come to this hands-on workshop and see how step by step from infusing the herbs in oil to creating a healing salve and lip balm. We will also learn how to tincture our herbs for long term preservation with alcohol, vinegar, and vegetable glycerin.
We will go over record keeping of medicine making, what quality ingredients to use, folk method versus weight to volume method, when to use alcohol or glycerin, how to make enough to have on hand for the year, etc.
You will go home with a hand salve, a lip balm, and a tincture.


GAPS Diet Workshop

May 20th - 10:00 AM

Cost: FREE

Dr. Jamie LaPrairie Beale, PHD, will give an in-depth, full of content presentation on the gut, how it works, what happens when it becomes "leaky gut" and how to restore it. Good health starts in your gut. The GAPS Protocol helps people alleviate pain, allergies, and chronic illnesses that many doctors aren't trained to get to the root of.

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Herbal Actions & Formulating Remedies Workshop

June 9th - 6:00 PM

Cost: $40.00

So you want to go beyond the basics of herbal medicines? You are able to match an herb to a symptom, now learn what all the actions of each herb mean and depending on the person, figure out the best combination of herbs to address all of their symptoms. Antiviral, Immune Modulators, Sedative, Anodyne are different herbal actions and we will define many of these and how to use what herb when.
Herbs work best when combined with other supporting herbs in a formula.
Make an individualized tea formula to take home.
This is not a beginner class, you must have a basic knowledge, taken a previous class from our Instructor or attended our class Herbal Medicine 101 Tuesday May 9th, 2017


Sign Up for Summer Camp Now!

Our summer camp dates are here and registration is opened! Kids ages 4-12 will have a blast at our summer farm camps!

Dates: June 5 - 7 and July 10 - 12 Garden Adventures at Rancho Alegre
June 19 - 21 and July 24 - 26 Animal Adventures at Rancho Alegre
Time: 9 - 12 each day
Cost is $99 per child. Max 20 participants each week.


Campers will get hands-on learning about our gardens and how we care for our own dirt at Rancho Alegre! Campers will learn how we maintain our gardens naturally, free from pesticides and fertilizers and how they can garden at home. We will cook using items from our garden, take nature walks, create some arts and crafts, perform science experiments, and many more fun activities.

animal camp

Campers will feed and care for all our animals each day. They will milk our goats, learn about goats milk, and make yummy cheese from their milk! Campers will help collect fresh eggs and learn how to take care of chickens, roosters, and baby chicks. We will groom, ride, and even bathe our horses. Your child will learn all about animal safety and will see what living on a farm is really like! We will also take nature walks, create some animal arts and crafts, perform science experiments, and many more fun activities.

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