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Sunday, April 2, 2017

In Season Now! Specialty Duck and Goose Eggs

In Season Now! Specialty Duck and Goose Eggs from LocalHarvest

Those of you familiar with LocalHarvest know that our farmers offer all manner of beautiful fresh, seasonal foods. Specialty eggs are a hallmark of spring, and we've got variety for you: you'll find goose, duck and quail eggs available now in our store catalog.

Silver Valley Farms, a small farm who raise pastured geese in the rolling hills near Gettysburg, PA, are offering their flavorful, naturally-produced goose eggs with free shipping and a 15% discount on bulk orders over $55. What makes a goose egg special? To name a few things, they're extra flavorful, have a larger yolk to white ratio, and are high in B12.

Like goose eggs, duck eggs are prized for their use in baking, and may also be a good alternative for folks allergic to chicken eggs. We've got many options for you to enjoy - check them out here.

Last but not least, Turnbull Farms of Clear Creek Indiana has available gourmet Coturnix quail eggs. Their quail are fed with flaxseed to boost the omega 3 content in their eggs, and eggs are shipped the same day they are gathered.


-- The LocalHarvest Team