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Friday, June 30, 2017

NEWS DIGEST - Fantastic Food Freedom News!

Fantastic Food Freedom News + Our 10-Year Anniversary on July 4!
Hey Food Freedom Friend, 

We have fantastic news to kick off this holiday weekend: 
  • Maine broke new ground for the local food movement earlier this month when Governor LePage signed a bill giving municipalities control over food regulation, although he vetoed another food freedom bill this week. We funded these lobbying efforts.
  • Earlier this month, all milk-related charges were dropped against a Texas FTCLDF member for distributing raw milk.
And to top it all off, on Independence Day, we will have been officially protecting your rights to produce and consume the foods of your choice for 10 whole years! If you'd like to contribute to this effort, consider a donation during our extended Annual Fundraiser. 

See more details on the above, below.

News Digest - What's Up?    
June 30, 2017

Falls Church, VA--June 29, 2017--It's been an amazing past couple of weeks in Maine. On June 16, the state broke new ground for the local food movement when Governor Paul LePage signed LD (Legislative Drawer) 725, a bill giving control over food regulation to...


Negotiations on June 14 with the Harris County, Texas District Attorney's Office resulted in dropping all of the raw milk-related charges against the Houston-area courier. During the negotiations--conducted under the watchful gaze of some 50+ raw milk supporters who packed the...

2017 FTCLDF Annual Fundraiser Ends Soon!
One of four fabulous donor 
thank-you giftsNourishing 
Fats: Why We Need Animal 
Fats for Health and Happiness

We all need to eat. And because you're reading this, we imagine that you source at least some of your foods from sustainable farms in your area. Whether you choose farm-churned butter, rendered lard from pastured hogs, whole fresh milk, eggs from happy hens, or all of the above, we protect your access to these nourishing, full-fat foods.

Some of our recent work includes:
  • Establishing the legal distinction between public and private food distribution with no regulation for the latter.
  • Protecting the right of homesteaders to produce their own food against overzealous local governments.
  • Expanding legal access to raw milk in all 50 states; currently, that number stands at 42.
  • Petitioning FDA to lift the interstate ban on raw butter, and challenging its authority to institute the ban in the first place.
  • Helping to secure a favorable Attorney General opinion in Tennessee, allowing an unlimited number of owners in custom slaughter and on-farm slaughtered animals (with many states allowing only 4 owners or less).
  • Consulting on the North Dakota Food Freedom Act, House Bill 1433, legislation recently signed into law that allows the unregulated sale of most foods direct from producer to consumer.
Help us protect your access to these Nourishing Fats and other foods from small farms and Donate Today. When you donate $100, $150, or more now during our Annual Fundraiser (gift offer extended!), you'll even get one of these inspiring gifts now through June 30.

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The Voice of the Local Food Movement on Capitol Hill & State Houses Around the Country

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