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Monday, July 3, 2017

Carlton Farms Newsletter 7-3-17

Delivery News
REMINDER: Order deadline is Noon the day before we deliver:
uly 4t
Is not the only time to grill and
smoke. If you missed these specials last week, most are still available.
  • Pork Ribs are on special: 4 lbs for $20
  • Filet Mignon are available individual or as a bulk package: 5 lb for $75
  • Ribeye and Sirloin Steaks available individual or by bulk
  • Other yummy options include:
    • Beef Brisket
    • Whole Beef Tenderloin
    • Boneless Pork Loin
    • Boston Butt


In case you missed our Home delivery announcement, all the details are outlined below. Enjoy all Carlton Farms has to offer, delivered right to your door. Packages arrive in insulated cooler boxes with ample Cold Packs. No need to be home for delivery. 


Home Delivery Improvements: We expect to be constantly improving/tweaking our home delivery service. This week  2 big improvements were made. We have expanded the geographic area and lowered the delivery fees.
  • Lower Delivery Fees:We were able to bring the pricing structure down by one level. New Pricing is outlined below.
Order TotalDelivery Fee
  • Expanded Delivery Area:  We have expanded the delivery zone to cover quite a bit more area. New areas that are now covered include: North to Hwy 20 including parts of Canton, East to cover stone mtn., Rome and Cartersville.  Check the map below, or check your exact location by entering your address online. 

How Home Delivery Works:  If you haven't tried the home delivery option yet, this is how it works. You can now have our Farm Fresh harvest of meat, milk, eggs, honey, cultured products, and organic veggies delivered right to your front door. Forget loading the kids up and fighting traffic to make it to the delivery location. Let us pack your order in a cooler and deliver it to your door.

  • Change your account profile to Home Delivery: You will have the option to select "pick-up" or "home delivery" when you create an account. If you have an existing account, from the "My Account" tab at the top of the screen, Select home delivery and put in the address to your home or office. If your address is within the delivery zones outlined above, we will delivery your order to you directly. Watch the video below to see how to change your profile to home delivery. 

  • Packaging: Your order will be packed in a styrofoam cooler box with cold packs. We will drop off your order during the day and it will stay cool until you get home to put it all away.  There will be a deposit charged ($7) for the cooler and cold packs, but that deposit will be returned when you leave the empty cooler & packs for us to pick-up when we return with your next order. 
  • Fees: As much as we would like to deliver everyone's order for free, there will be a delivery fee for the home delivery option. We have created a tiered delivery fee so that larger orders have a smaller fee. (see chart above)
  • Order deadline for all deliveries is Noon, the day before delivery is made.
  • Changes to current schedule:  
    • Duluth drop-off will be moved to a Thursday delivery to coincide with the home delivery route in that area. 
    • Kennesaw (Dr Jockers) Drop-off location will be moved to Friday to coincide with home delivery in that area. 
    • If you are happy using the Mobile Market locations or the drop-off delivery options, those will still be available to you. 

Egg Sale!!   Spring eggs are excellent quality, and are still at an excellent price.  We decided to keep this egg sale going for a while. As long as the girls are giving us a bounty of eggs, we intend to share the bountiful harvest with you. Right now the laying hens are in a good mood, so enjoy those eggs.  
Vegetable Shares are now available. Getting signed up for your weekly or biweekly share is as simple as placing a share in your basket. This year there is no prepayment requirement for the season. Simply select if you'd like to receive your share weekly or biweekly. We will add a share to your order accordingly, and you will be billed as you receive your share.  If you need to travel, there is a hold function that allows you to put your share on hold while you are out of town. End your share, or change your frequency as you wish, you are under no obligation. We look forward to bringing you the finest local and organic produce our area has to offer. Visit the new Carlton Farms website to order. You will find the Vegetable Share right on the homepage under featured products.   

We hope you enjoy the new Carlton Farms online experience. 
FarmFan: Get Text Message Reminders and Receive Rewards.
As one of our Farmfans you are able to receive text message reminders, both to place your order and to come pick-up your order. You will also have the ability to check-in when you pick-up. As you accumulate check-ins you will earn rewards such as Grocery Bags, T-shirts, Discounts.

On the Farm

Feeling Artistic:
I'm spending some time with family today, so there is not gonna be a long article about the farm. However, I was feeling a little artistic Friday and wanted to share with you the potato flag I made with our red, white, and blue potatoes. Yall have a happy 4th 

We are constantly sharing the goings on at Carlton Farms via our social media pages. Become social with us on:  
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Thanks for your continued support. At Carlton Farms we are proud to be your farmer.


Chad Carlton
Carlton Farms
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