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Friday, July 28, 2017

Don't Give Away Your Rights!

Don't give away your rights!
Polyface Farm owner Joel Salatin, America's favorite sustainable agriculture farmer, highlighted in Michael Pollan's book The Omnivore's Dilemma and featured in hit documentaries like Food, Inc. and  American Meat
During the late 1990s, the state of Oregon outlawed its citizens' right to retail sales of raw milk in stores. At that time, raw milk in the United States was not nearly as popular as it is today. Most of us had not yet recognized how connected it is to health and healing, and in many states, our access to it quietly disappeared. 

Now, almost 20 years later we are still fighting for that right to sell raw milk on a sustainable level so that families may nourish themselves and their children and farmers may have a viable livelihood. 

One thing we've learned: once you give up a legal right, it is extremely difficult to get it back. You may not ever have enough money or time to make a difference individually, but our organization, the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, is doing its best to help regain and maintain access to this and other nutrient-dense foods all across America. 

In the ten years since the FTCLDF started, raw milk access has increased significantly; many states have either legalized the sale of raw milk during that time or increased legal access to it. Today raw milk sales or distribution are allowed in 42 states--only 8 to go!

Our team of attorneys spends countless hours with little remuneration to help farmers and consumers access the foods they want from the sources they want. Our non-profit organization relies heavily on donations to help pay expenses related to expanding our food freedom, and we'd be honored if you choose to support us. 

We have a super special event coming up we'd love you to be a part of! With a $1,500 per person donation, you'd join us at an intimate farm-to-table gathering in September, where you would sit at the table with Joel Salatin in Oregon. You'd get to tour Champoeg Creamery, a raw milk micro-dairy, and be inspired throughout by the fare, the setting, and the conversations. 

Your gift will help the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund attorneys continue to expand and broaden your access to nutrient-dense foods!  

Click here to read about the lovely meal raised, prepared and served by farmers, and the raw dairy farm tour:

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, defends the rights and broadens the freedoms of family farms and artisan food producers while protecting consumer access to raw milk and nutrient-dense foods. 

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