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Friday, August 25, 2017

It's Time to Order Your Seed Garlic!

It's Time to Order Your Seed Garlic!

Calling all seasoned and soon-to-be garlic growers! Now is the time to order your seed garlic for fall planting. If you haven't tried growing garlic, you're in for a treat. It takes some patience and a little over-winter maintenance, but the result is well worth waiting for.

Why grow your own? Simply put, there are some garlic varieties that are hard to find and offer fabulous flavor that you won't find in typical store-bought garlic. Hardneck, softneck, elephant garlic; spicy, hot, mellow, pungent flavors ... we've got it. Check out our options to find the garlic variety that speaks to you and works best for your planting zone.

Happy planting!

-- The LocalHarvest Team