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Friday, October 13, 2017

Heirloom Living Market Lilburn -- Changes! Market is open for Ordering!

The Market is open for ordering!

The Veggies Patch

At delivery yesterday, the rep from The Veggie Patch announced that they will no longer be on our Market. The labor and transportation cost of delivering to our Market became unsustainable for them. As the last month's orders averaged less than $150 per week, I can certainly understand their reasoning; however, I am still dismayed that there was no notice given.

I believe the sheer volume of Veggie Patch items tended to over-shadow our great Farmers! Fry Farm, Back River Farm, Grow with the Flow and Heritage Farm are all passionate about bringing us excellent product and variety! Check out the Veggie Section! There is a great selection.

Greg has re-listed Grass Fed Meats on the Market. In order for us to continue having access to his local, fresh, sustainable, excellent meats, we MUST meet a minimum order on a weekly basis. I had many comments that you all have missed his products these last 2 weeks, so please get your orders in! He has listed Pre-Orders for Thanksgiving Turkeys! Don't miss out. These are sold as Pre-Order ONLY! Please don't expect to get one the week before Thanksgiving! Order today!

As if this moment, My Daily Bread has not listed items for this week. I believe this is because Dabrielle and Bruce are closing on their home today and it is moving day also! So, I am sure they are extremely busy! If you do not see their yummy items early today, please check back late. I will send another email when I know more!

All Cow Milk Orders and Egg Orders from CEDAR ROCK MUST be in by 8:00pm SUNDAY!!

Want to add a comment for your Farmer? Please use Box directly under the product on the Check-out Page. Comments put in Large Text Box at Bottom of Page DO NOT get seen by the Farmer!

Heirloom Living Market

This name change reflects the entire Market and not specific locations! You must choose your location at checkout!

Remember to Order:

Bakery Goods – My Daily Bread
Eggs – Cedar Rock Dairy (by 8:00pm Sunday!)
Eggs – Little Tots Estate
Eggs – Fry Farm (only with Harvest Box)
Fermented Foods – Ancient Awakenings (1st Thursday of the month)
Grass-fed Meats – Heritage Farm
Gluten Free Bakery – No Gluten Inc.
Grains & Flour – So-Koi
Medicinal Salves – Bella Vista Farm
Medicinal Teas – Bella Vista Farm
Microgreens – Cedar Seeder Wellness Farm
Mushrooms – Bella Vista Farm
Natural Personal Care Products – Bella Vista Farm
Raw Cow Milk – Cedar Rock Dairy (by 8:00pm Sunday!)
Raw Goat Milk – Little Tots Estate
Spices & Seasonings – So-Koi
Veggies – Back River Farm
Fry Farm
Grow with the Flow

Ordering and Pickup Information

Snellville Pickup Location
Cedar Seeder Wellness Farm
Pickup Day and Time: Thursday 2:30pm – 5:30pm
Pickup Location:
The Farm
4108 Anderson Livsey Lane
Snellville, GA 30039

Click Here for Map

Lilburn Pickup Location
All Saints Lutheran Church
Pickup Day and Time: Thursday 3:30pm – 6:30pm
Pickup Location:
722 Rockbridge Road SW
Lilburn, GA 30047

Click Here for Map

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All Cow Milk and Egg Orders from Cedar Rock MUST be in by 8:00pm SUNDAY!!

If you miss this deadline, you miss your milk next week. It is way to cumbersome to keep track of late orders and neither Sam or I have the time to do it. In the past, I had once said it was alright to text Sam, but that created an 'administrative nightmare' for me! I work a full time job in addition to the Market. Please get your orders in on time! Thank you for your cooperation!

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