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Saturday, October 21, 2017

LH Featured Farmer: Food Works Farm and CSA

LH Featured Farmer: Food Works Farm and CSA

We continue to bring you closer to the farmers who grow your food. In this series, we periodically interview our members to share their unique stories with you.

Community in Action: Portland, Oregon̢۪s Food Works Farm and CSA

These days we may know a lot about where our food comes from, but despite the broad array of choices in many grocery stores, access to good food is often a privilege rather than a given. More than ever, it is important to recognize communities who come together to provide sustenance to people who need it and support the good work they do. With this in mind, I looked forward to the chance to visit the Food Works Farm of Sauvie Island, near Portland Oregon, to meet some of the people who have made it their vision to make this happen.

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Many thanks to Victor Montano for taking the time to share with us! If you're curious about Food Works Farms and you're in their area, you can contact them about visiting, or you can check out their listings out on LocalHarvest.

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