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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The three Ps of Fall: Pomegranates, Persimmons and Pumpkins

The three Ps of Fall: Pomegranates, Persimmons and Pumpkins

Fall has arrived, and along with it come the three P's of fall harvest season: pomegranates, persimmons and pumpkins!

Fairview Orchards of Ojai, California has some of the finest ruby red pomegranates California has to offer. Large, extra juicy and full of healthy antioxidants, this ancient fruit is a real treat. Fairview's pomegranates are 100% certified organic.

As always, Beck Grove / LeVigne offers beautiful certified organic fuyu persimmons and persimmon puree. We love persimmons as fresh sweet snacks, thinly sliced as a colorful addition to delicious fall salads, and of course in warm freshly-baked persimmon bread!

Many of you will be looking for local pumpkin patches, farm stands and fun Halloween events this month. Sign up for our Keep Me Posted email to learn about events in your area! You can also find nearby pumpkin patches and farm stands using our search.

Until next time, take good care and eat well,

-- The LocalHarvest Team