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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Heritage Farm -- Turkey Update.......Please Read!!!!!

Turkeys Deliver 11/18 (Sat orders) and 11/21 (Wednesday orders and on farm)

We will deliver Turkeys on Saturday 11/18 for Saturday customers and Tuesday 11/21 for Wednesday customers. We will be delivering the same routes as normal. We will also have an on farm pick up option for Tuesday 11/21. Addresses and approximate times are listed Here

Turkeys will be delivered fresh to whatever location you selected when you ordered or to whatever market that you purchased the bird from.

We recommend you either freeze your bird until ready to cook on Thanksgiving or, if you want to keep fresh, keep it unopened on ice until Thanksgiving.

We can NOT guarantee you any particular size bird. We will do our best to accommodate your particular requests at delivery but we do not have any way to guarantee a specific weight. Birds are pasture raised and organically fed and we do not have the ability to control how big or small they are. Pickups are first come first served from available inventory so if you have something specific in mind come early. All we can guarantee is they will be GOOD TO EAT AND HEALTHY for you, your family and guests!!

ALL deposits are non-refundable unless and until we have an available buyer for your bird.

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