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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Citrus Love in December

Citrus Love in December

December may seem chilly and dormant in some areas of the country, but for sunny Florida, it's prime citrus season. We at LocalHarvest are lucky to work with a number of fine citrus farmers whose fruit is at its peak right now. Order now to get your oranges and grapefruit shipped for Christmas.

The Orange Shop of Citra, Florida has delicious Citra Navels, tangerines, tangelos, sweet-tart Indian River grapefruit, all with free shipping!

California citrus growers have lovely Meyer lemons, Bearss limes, Satsuma tangerines and a variety of sweet, juicy oranges. If you want to buy bulk to parcel out fruit as gifts, or you love fresh-squeezed juice, you'll want to try T&D Farms Cara Cara oranges, or sign up for Rancho Charanda's Navel Juicy-Juice Club. There is nothing like a fresh squeezed glass of OJ with your holiday breakfasts and brunches.

Happy Holidays!

-- The LocalHarvest Team