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Thursday, December 21, 2017

News Digest: Illegal Muffins, PRIME Act Update & Kale vs. Cow

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Hi Atlanta,

The holiday season is in full swing! We hope you're enjoying this special time with friends and family with delicious nutrient-dense food! Our first highlight of this week's News Digest is about the confiscation of a member's MUFFINS! There has also been an update to the pending PRIME Act legislation. Lastly, we would like to offer our full support and extend our appreciation for Diana Rodgers' new film: Kale vs.Cow. See below for more details.

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Thursday, December 21
Muffins as Contraband 
Confiscated muffins, exploding kombucha and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development are at the heart of this story by Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund attorney, Susan Israel.

Click HERE to read about Susan's experience helping Dairy Delight in Michigan.
Congressman Collin C. Peterson signed on as a co-sponsor for this important bill that would support small farmers and improve access to locally raised meats.

Click HERE to read more about the pending legislation.

Kale vs. Cow

Are you frustrated with the anti-meat messages in the media? Are you tired of defending why you eat meat to friends and family?

Several new films vilify all meat eating but don't take into account how the animals were raised. Well, here is an upcoming video project we think you may like: it's called Kale vs. Cow and will dive into the nutritional, environmental, and ethical case for meat. The project is the brainchild of our friend Diana Rodgers of Sustainable Dish, a real food dietitian living on a working organic farm.

Our farmer and homesteader members raise animals outside, where they are encouraged to express their natural instincts, unlike those in the concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). We think there's a huge difference between the two methods, and this film will highlight them.

Early supporters of Kale vs. Cow include Joel Salatin, Chris Masterjohn, Nicolette Hahn Niman, Robb Wolf, Nina Teicholz, Chris Kresser, Lierre Keith, Mark Sisson, Will Harris, and JP Sears. If you'd like to support this film, too, do so HERE! Thank-you gifts include Paleo f(x) tickets, your name in the film credits, and a farm tour.

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